Yes, You Need an Estate Plan!

HELLO and THANK YOU for visiting Jamii Law!  If you’ve found your way to this page, then you’ve probably thinking about putting an estate plan in place but haven’t gotten around to it.  I am passionate about providing thoughtful and compassionate services to families because I know personally and professionally know that families experience a great amount of and confusion when a loved one becomes seriously ill or passes away without a plan.

Listed Below are the Top 3 reasons people give for not having a plan and my response to each.  Do any of these apply to you?

#1:  I’m not rich so I don’t need a will.

Response:  regardless of your income.  Most families need an Estate or family protection plan to eliminate or minimize the hassle and costs of probate or private.  A plan also ensures that you control who gets your stuff.    A family protection plan also provides safe guards for any unexpected illness or disability.

#2:  I don’t know where to start.

Response:  I have great tools and worksheets to help you get organized and make some important decisions.  I will also walk you through the process step by step.

#3:  I can’t afford it

Response:  My services are provided on a flat fee basis that you will know up front.  I will work with you to structure a payment plan that fits into your budget.  There won’t be any surprises or an unaffordable bill at the end.


Aren’t you ready to stop worrying and gain the peace of mind by knowing you have put a plan in place for your family’s protection and financial well-being?   Download our “10 Steps to Getting Started” to organize your thoughts and begin creating an estate plan that protects your family.

Small Business Services

In this Age of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to start a small business.  Entrepreneurs are no longer constrained by high start-up costs that go along with securing an office or storefront.  If you have a good idea, access to a computer, and are just a little social media savvy, you can launch a business.  

While it’s easier to get a business off the ground, the need for legal protections has remained unchanged.  Unfortunately, in this Digital Age, too many business owners launch their businesses and by-pass putting the essential protections in place.  This can lead to big problems.

Don’t leave yourself and your ASSets exposed by skipping the steps to properly organize your business!  At a minimum, all business owners need to put these basic protections in place:

  • A name that doesn’t conflict with someone else’s business
  • A form of Business Entity – Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, LLC – and file the paperwork with your State
  • Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Business Banking Account
  • Intellectual Property Protections
  • A website that complies with FTC advertising regulations. Policies and conditions in place to safeguard your clients’ privacy and that sensitive information is secure
  • Contracts that ensure your relationships are legal and that you are protected.

I know it seems like a lot, but trust me, these are the minimal protections you want to have in place to protect your business and safeguard your personal assets.  The Jamii Law team is here to serve you Small Business Start-up Needs.  Of course, our services are offered on an upfront, flat fee basis.  This allows you to choose the package of services you want and to know just how much it will cost.  Download this Small Biz Start-up Checklist to help you get started.